accessories for trolley KRAB

disto pic WS


DISTO option serves for operational checking of position. It uses two sensors - laser distance meter + incremental rotary sensor. Using these two sensors the 2-dimensional position of the objects around the track can be detected. Laser distance meter is positioned manually.



KrabCamera is an additional system for Krab measuring trolleys. It allows to take pictures of the track, rails, sleepers or any other objects around measured railway track. After the measurement is finished, data from KrabCamera and from KrabDroid measuring software are downloaded to PC. They can be processed by Krab10 evaluation software.

KRAB long arm picture 01

LONG ARM - option for measuring in D2 waveband

Family of Krab trolleys (Krab84.09, Krab S-Light) can be additionally equiped by Long arm. Long arm increases the size of the measuring chord and thus helps to measure long waves in Alignment and Top with higher precision.


This option allows to use high-precision satellite navigation receiver with differential RTK corrections. System uses the GPS/GLONASS/ Galileo/BeiDou satellites. It is online connected to server providing differential corrections via Mobile Broadband. Precise location is transferred to KrabDroid computer for logging and further processing.

Rail profile 3D


3D cameras using triangular principle are applied for non-contact continuous scanning of the rail profile in regular step 0.25m. The rail head wear is calculated and displayed in real time as well as the shape of the rail head. The parameter of equivalent conicity is available in data post-processing. Both rails or only one rail can be measured simultaneously depending on chosen configuration.