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The company Commercial railway research Ltd. was established in 1992 with the goal of contributing to the development of railway transport construction engineering. The firm is involved in developing and manufacturing measurement and technical equipment, creating new components and technologies for the design and construction of railway superstructures, measuring mechanical phenomena in railway design (including to measure noise levels), and providing technical consultancy and project work.

Some of the projects we have executed to date illustrate the character of the firm:

  • Development and manufacture of the “Krab” trolley for comprehensive track geometry measurement
  • Development and manufacture of a portable GPS trolley for geodesic surveying of track centre line using GPS
  • Design of a digital electronic system of track inspection for measuring geometric track position
  • Design, development and manufacture of a measurement system for small track inspection vehicles
  • Development and manufacture of a laser sensor for continuous measurement of railway clearance used for tunnels, platforms, pylons, etc.
  • Development and manufacture of a profilometer for measuring wheel profiles for railway and tram vehicles and for rails
  • Development and manufacture of testing equipment for testing mechanical properties of sleepers and elastic rail bolting components

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