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This section offers up-to-date information about recent developments and planned improvements to our software, software updates and descriptions of the same. User registration is required to download the latest versions of our programs.

Available information and programs

Update of track geometry evaluation program Krab 8.2 #09062016

The latest updated version from 09 June 2016 provides the following new features:

  • Enhanced processing of the design values
  • Improved file opening
  • New management of the events
  • Support of the turnout evaluation in combination with Switch XE software
  • Administration and utilization of so-called projects (i.e. a listing of open evaluation files in relation to a given project, setting of evaluation and display parameters).
  • Graphical indication of each defect directly at the signal path.
  • Enhanced events management
  • Graphical merging of two files - signals synchronization, selection of the connecting point.
  • Correction option for the speed band. It is now possible to choose whether to use those limits saved in the measurement data files or those limits set within the evaluation program.
  • Introduction of the RK100 long-wave gauge signal, having both negative and positive limits.
  • Saving and export support for GPS coordinates, including UTC time.
  • Mapping: calculation and drawing of measured routes, indicating events, local defects, and quality indices. Connection of GPK values of graph cursors and maps.
  • Display of local defects and routes in a Google Earth application.

Update of track geometry evaluation program Krab 8.1

The latest updated version from 04 October 2012 has resolved the following reported problems:

  • Faulty descriptions of sector evaluation values.
  • Program hangs when opening multiple files.
  • Problems with display of sector evaluations in creating subsectors (displayed from the sector as a whole).
  • Overall improvements in program stability and speed.
  • Repair of faulty descriptions and evaluation of local defects in accordance with ČSN.

Update of track geometry evaluation program - Temporary unavailable !

The latest update from 4 June 2010 contains these repairs:


Update měřícího programu Krab8vNET (25.03.2012)

Update měřícího programu poskytujeme po vyplnění kontaktního formuláře, s přiloženým souborem cfgdas.xml - vyžaduje provedení změn. Tento soubor je uložen ve Vašem PDA ve složce /Program Files/Krab8vNET/cfgdas.xml. Update Vám zašleme v nejkratší možné době mailem, který uvedete v kontaktním formuláři.

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